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Rural Partners in Medicine

Month: August 2018

June Karlin, KHA Award Nominee

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Congratulations to June Karlin at our partnering hospital, Rooks County Health Center in Plainville, KS. June is being recognized as a Health Care Worker of the Year Award nominee by the Kansas Hospital Association (KHA). The purpose of this award is to highlight hospital employees who have made a significant contribution to the betterment of their hospital and have routinely go above and beyond the call of duty.

June will be recognized, along with other Health Care Worker of the Year nominees, at the KHA Awards Luncheon – 2018 KHA Annual Convention, Thursday, Sept. 6, at the Sheraton Overland Park/Overland Park Convention Center.

BBGH Golf Tournament

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Last week a few of our RPM team members had the chance to participate in our partnering hospital’s first annual golf tournament. Our team had the chance to meet some great people, have fun and even see some local attractions. Thank you to Box Butte General Hospital for hosting such a great event!

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If you are an RPM partnering hospital and would like RPM to sponsor an event, please visit our website for more details.



Mission Accomplished: Carstensz Pyramid

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According to American300, the Purple Hearts Summits (PHS) team which includes Bryan Scheer, M.D., RPM CEO, has summited the Carstensz Pyramid on August 17! By completing this mission, the team has provided Benjamin Breckheimer, combat wounded US Army Veteran, with the type of team environment that could lead to success. Benjamin now has 2 remaining summits in his quest to become the first Purple Heart Recipient to achieve the continental 7 summits of the world.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TEAM! #Teamworkisdreamwork #american300 #purpleheartssummit #ruralhealth #ruralpartnersinmedicine #rpm #2togo

Photo courtesy of American300



Update: Carstensz Pyramid Climb

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According to an update from American300, on August 16th the Carstensz Pyramid Purple Heart Summits team was 2 helo’s uploaded to base camp with the 3rd on a weather delay. We are all wishing, praying and cheering for them to continue to have a safe expedition. #purpleheartsummits #ruralhealth #American300 #RPM #ruralpartnersinmedicine

Photo courtesy of American300 Tours

Climbing Carstensz Pyramid with American300

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RPM CEO and Co-Founder, Bryan Scheer, M.D., is attempting to climb Indonesia’s Carstensz Pyramid with the Purple Health Summits (PHS) American300 team. The PHS team members include Benjamin Breckheimer – US Army, Chris Klinke, Bryan Scheer, M.D. and two friends from New Zealand. The PHS team’s end goal is supporting Breckheimer’s quest to become the first Purple Heart Recipient to achieve the continental 7 summits of the world.

Purple Heart Summits is a program of, which is a volunteer nonprofit with a mission of supporting our Department of Defense and Department of State efforts worldwide.

Photo courtesy of Tantular Indonesia

Coping with Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can be anywhere in your body and it can completely disrupt your life. So, here a few common tips to deal with chronic pain.

  1. Take Care of your Pain. Yes, chronic pain happens. It is not your fault, but you must take care of it. Do not get caught up in the blame game. Instead, find a way to fix the problem. Contact a doctor and/or therapist to help with your pain!
  2. Stay active. Rest is essential for acute pain, but rest for chronic pain can be counterintuitive. As your muscles get weak and stiff from inactivity, the pain may actually intensify.
  3. Track your pain levels. Make sure to ask yourself throughout the day how your pain levels are on a scale of 1 to 10. It may be certain activities that are impacting your pain. If so, adjust those activities.
  4. Understand your pain. When in chronic pain don’t push through a task that is causing more pain. Take breaks and pace yourself. If it is too much, reach out for help.

To learn more tips, please visit Dealing with Chronic Pain.