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Rural Partners in Medicine

2019 Rural Specialty Leadership Summit

For nearly ten years, RPM has been teaming up with rural communities by partnering needed specialist with local hospitals. This has allowed patients to obtain high-quality and comprehensive levels of care while being served locally and allowing communities to become more economically viable. To share experiences between our partners and future partners, RPM is hosting our annual Rural Specialty Leadership Summit.

Conference Purpose: 

The mission of this summit is to share information and showcase innovative approaches to increase the viability of rural community hospitals and help solve common rural health care challenges.

Who Should Attend: 

RPM designed this summit for CEOs, administrators, CFOs, controllers, nurse executives, medical directors, medical leaders and the hospital board of directors.

Learning Objectives: 

During this event, RPM will host educational sessions, keynote speakers and numerous opportunities for networking.

– Discuss public policy issues affecting rural health care,

– Identify how the access to rural health care is changing; and,

– Identify ways in which data and technology are improving health care for rural populations.

Schedule of Events


Are you ready to join us at the Rural Specialty Leadership Summit? If so, reserve your complimentary spot today! Please complete one reservation per attendee.

Golf Outing: Please join us as we take an afternoon to enjoy the great outdoors along with great company. Details on where we are golfing will come soon.


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The Rural Specialty Leadership Summit was held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado last year. This year we are still deciding to keep the location in Steamboat Springs or move the summit to Denver. We hope to have a decision by mid-June.

Schedule of Events

A full schedule of events will be coming soon!


Details coming soon!


Who? The summit is designed for CEOs, administrators, CFOs, COOs, controllers, nurse executives, medical directors, clinic directors, hospital board of directors, and more.

How Many Team Members are Complimentary? There are four complimentary spots per hospital. However, if you would like to request additional spaces, please contact Jordan Borowski at

Attire? The attire for this meeting is business casual. Also, remember that meeting rooms and public areas in the resort are airconditioned and may be cool, so bring a jacket or sweater for your own comfort.

Cancelation Policy? Since this is a complimentary event we ask that you notify us at least three days before the event if you are no longer able to attend.

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