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First Meniscus Transplant Successfully Performed at Nebraska Medicine

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For 18-year-old Kris Kodat, his life just got a little better.

After years of chronic pain, Koldat visited with Dr. Matt Toa, Orthopedic Surgeon at Nebraska Medicine, for additional help after suffering years of chronic knee pain. Dr. Toa said, “My main goals for him were: decrease his pain, get him back to relatively normal function and let him do the kinds of things that he wants to do on a daily basis”. To do this Dr. Toa decided to sign Kodat up for a meniscal transplant and after a six-month wait, they got the call.

“So we literally just take a meniscus from a cadaver donor and put it into a knee, a patient’s knee like Kris’,” Tao said.

Kodat is the first patient to have this type of transplant surgery at Nebraska Medicine and like other transplants, he will likely need another sometime in the future. “We know that that’s not a normal knee, even with the meniscal transplant. It’s a great surgery when you need it, but it doesn’t last forever,” Tao said.

Kodat is expected to make a nearly full recovery after eight months of physical therapy.

According to Tao, since Kodat’s surgery four months ago, he’s performed similar surgeries two more times to other patients.

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