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Hospital Opens Bar = Solving Healthcare Problems

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Northrop University Hospital in New York recently opened a bar in their lobby. The CFO, Tipsy Buzzington, said, “The establishment welcomes employees, patients, families, and everyone who feels like a drink when they step out of the hospital, which is EVERYBODY.” Buzzington continues, “Look, Medicaid pays $18 dollars for a heart cath.  We can’t keep the lights on with that, but check out our Code Mellow or Bacardiac Spasm, delicious party bowls of spirits and tropical juices!  We charge $34 for each.  See that table of three ICU nurses? They’re on their fifth!  Cha-ching!”

Buzzington goes on to share while the initial idea was purely financial, additional bar benefits became apparent immediately.  Employee morale has skyrocketed and sick days are taken less frequently. Patient mortality has dipped and patient satisfaction has never been higher.

What are your thoughts on this idea?

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