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Coping with Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can be anywhere in your body and it can completely disrupt your life. So, here a few common tips to deal with chronic pain.

  1. Take Care of your Pain. Yes, chronic pain happens. It is not your fault, but you must take care of it. Do not get caught up in the blame game. Instead, find a way to fix the problem. Contact a doctor and/or therapist to help with your pain!
  2. Stay active. Rest is essential for acute pain, but rest for chronic pain can be counterintuitive. As your muscles get weak and stiff from inactivity, the pain may actually intensify.
  3. Track your pain levels. Make sure to ask yourself throughout the day how your pain levels are on a scale of 1 to 10. It may be certain activities that are impacting your pain. If so, adjust those activities.
  4. Understand your pain. When in chronic pain don’t push through a task that is causing more pain. Take breaks and pace yourself. If it is too much, reach out for help.

To learn more tips, please visit Dealing with Chronic Pain.

RCH Breaks Ground on Phase 2

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On Tuesday, July 17,  partnering hospital Rooks County Hospital (RCH) broke ground on Phase 2 of their hospital expansion project. The nearly 11,000 sq feet addition will house all of RCH’s rehabilitation services including Physical, Occupational, Respiratory, and Speech Therapies as well as Cardiac Rehab. Construction is expected to take 16 months to complete. More details about the groundbreaking and construction can be found by visiting

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Photo courtesy of RCH’s Facebook page

Phelps Welcomes Dr. Dan Williams

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Daniel Williams, MD, anesthesiologist and pain management specialist, now offers a pain clinic throughout the month at Phelps Memorial Health Center. His outstanding experience with the community of Holdrege and the Phelps Memorial Team is what drew him to begin his rural outreach clinic.

“I came to Holdrege to cover for a fellow physician and just really liked it here. Everyone is so hard working and they truly care about their patients. They treat every patient as if they were a member of their own family. What we do here goes way beyond medicine. That is the atmosphere in which I want to work,” stated Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams provides services to patients with spine and back issues while working closely with Dr. Henry Fabian, Jr., to identify the pain’s origin so the proper diagnosis can be made. While his focus is primarily on providing a high-quality spine program, he also provides additional services including joint injection and chronic headaches.

“When patients come to me, they are really suffering from an extraordinary level of pain. It’s not uncommon for patients to rate their pain at an 8 or 9 on a 10-point scale. When I have patients rate their post-procedure pain at zero, it is a great feeling,” he stated, “just the other day, one of my patients called me over to his room. He shook my hand and thanked me because he had not felt that great in years.”

Native to Colorado, Dr. Williams grew up on the slopes of Steamboat as a ski jumper and cross-country ski racer. After high school, he moved to Switzerland to train with the Swiss Ski Team. At the age of 25, he and his future wife moved back to the United States where he began his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He attended medical school in Denver; residency at Gundersen Medical Foundation in Wisconsin; and, anesthesiology at the University of Colorado Anshutz Medical Campus. Now in his free time, Dr. Williams enjoys racing cars!

To book a pain management appointment with Dr. Williams, please call 308.995.2211.

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Information courtesy of Phelps Memorial Health Center’s Facebook page.

MHCC Offer’s Orthopedics!

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Did you know Memorial Hospital of Carbon County (MHCC) offers the latest in sports injury repair, joint replacement, and a wide variety of orthopedic services? That’s right! Dr. Kaare Kolstad is now accepting new patients at the MHCC Wagon Circle Surgical Clinic where he will provide orthopedic care and surgery. Best part, it’s all done in Rawlins!

• Sports injury
• Joint replacement
• Fracture Care
• Foot & Ankle
• Shoulders & knees
• and more …

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kolstad, call 307-324-6022.

Photo courtesy of MHCC’s Facebook page.


Welcome Yellowstone Sports Medicine!

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RPM is excited to announce Yellowstone Sports Medicine in Cody, WY as a new partner! Yellowstone Sports Medicine has been providing orthopedic and sports medicine services to patients throughout the Big Horn Basin area for 25+ years. Their goal is to work closely with healthcare providers to establish an individualized care plan for each patient. To provide further care, Yellowstone Sports Medicine has partnered with RPM to provide patients with orthopedics spine services. To visit or book an appointment with Dr. Clint Devin, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, please call 307-578-1953.

Winner Specialty Services

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Why travel 2 to 3 hours when speciality services are available close to home? There is still time to visit with specialty services in Winner, SD! View the calendar below.

To schedule your appointment, please call the Winner clinic at (605) 842-7153.


How Healthy is Your State?

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The 2018 County Health Rankings are out and now you can use the interactive map in the link provided below to find out how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work and play. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health!

LINK: How Healthy is Your Community?


It’s Here.. The Top 100 CAHs for 2018

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The list of the 2018 Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in the U.S., is here, according to The National Rural Health Association’s Rural Health Policy Institute, iVantage Health Analytics and The Chartis Center for Rural Health. The hospitals included in this list are top performers in managing risk, achieving higher quality, securing better outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and operating at a lower cost than their peers.

A special congratulations to our friends and partnering hospitals, Phelps Memorial Health Center (Holdrege, NE), Cherry County Hospital (Valentine, NE), Box Butte General Hospital (Alliance, NE), Community Hospital (McCook, NE), Rooks County Health Center (Plainville, KS), Smith County Memorial Hospital (Smith Center, KS) and Community Memorial Healthcare (Marysville, KS).




LRHC’s CNO Selected as HRHA Rural Health Fellow

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Congratulations to LRHC’s CNO, Nicole Thorell, who was selected for the National Rural Health Association’s (NRHA) Rural Health Fellows (RHF) Program of 2018. This is a year-long in-depth program that allow rural leaders to work and develop evident visions for rural America. Thorell said in a recent article, “The NRHA fellowship will provide me an opportunity to strengthen my knowledge in regards to policy and how to appropriately advocate to our governmental officials. It is extremely important to continue to advocate for rural care because it provides many benefits to the people served,” Thorell said. “Access to healthcare is an issue for our country, and we need to ensure that future policy does not inhibit the ability for rural organizations to continue to provide high quality, cost-effective care close to home.”

To read the full article, please visit LRHC’s CNO Selected for the Rural Health Fellows Program


Physician’s Supporting Their Partnering Hospitals

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Dr. Brian Siegel, pain management specialist, visits Sidney Regional Medical Center in Sidney, NE once a month. What many don’t know, Dr. Siegel has also been a big supporter of Sidney’s youth sports programs. We thank you, Dr. Siegel, for supporting the kids and the community of Sidney. It truly is special having physicians who care for their partnering communities! #club39 #SRMC #RPM #Physicianswhocare


Photo courtesy of Ashlie Riddle.

Thank a Nurse Week

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We’d like to thank the nurses for all that they do! Certainly, that gratitude extends further to those fine nurses who support our physicians each day. Nurses truly do play a vital role and deserve to be recognized for their devotion and commitment. A nurse’s job is most definitely a tough one, and one must have a certain level of patience and empathy to perform that type of work. Thank you to all Nurses. We appreciate you!


Welcome MHCC in Rawlins, WY!

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RPM is excited to announce Memorial Hospital of Carbon County (MHCC) in Rawlins, WY as a new partnering hospital. MHCC is a 25-bed critical care facility located in south-central Wyoming and is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to Carbon County residents and their visitors.

Dr. Kaare Kolstad, Orthopedic Surgeon, is now seeing patients at MHCC’s Wagon Circle Orthopedic Clinic. To book an appointment, please call (307) 324-6022.



Dr. Kolstad Lunch & Learn in Winner, SD

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Winner Regional Healthcare Center (WRHC) is having a free Lunch & Learn on May 2 with their newest specialty provider and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kaare Kolstad. Dr. Kolstad specializes in total joint repair and sports medicine. If interested in learning more or to register, call WRHC at 605-842-7100.

Having Neck Pain? Try These Tips

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Are one of many who suffers from neck pain? When the head and shoulders drift forward due to poor posture, some muscles in the chest and neck can shorten and become tight over time, which can perpetuate the poor posture that is causing neck pain. So, try two easy stretching exercises to help!

  1. Corner Stretch: An exercise used for stretching the chest and shoulder muscles using a corner of a room.
    • Stand approximately two feet back from the corner, facing into the corner.
    • Feet should be together.
    • Forearms are placed on each wall, and elbows are a little below shoulder height.
    • Lean in as far as possible without pain. Patients will feel a stretch in the front of the shoulders and chest.
    • Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds to a minute.
  2. Levator Scapulae Stretch (pictured below): An exercise performed while sitting or standing.
    • Lengthen the muscle by raising the elbow above the shoulder at the side to stretch.
    • In this position, rest the elbow against a door jamb. This action rotates the outside of the shoulder blade up and the inside of it down, which lengthens the levator scapulae muscle.
    • Next, turn the head away from the side that is stretching and bring the chin down, stretching the back of the neck.
    • Place the fingers of the other hand on the top of the head and gently pull the head forward increasing the stretch slightly.
    • Hold this for about 30 seconds to a minute.

To learn more tips on reducing neck pain, please visit Neck Stretches by


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Phelps Memorial Therapy Center Success Story

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Congratulations to Phelps Memorial Health Center (PMHC) on their recent therapy center success story! A patient who had a total knee arthroscopy with Dr. Andreas Sauerbrey recently completed her therapy. Her function improved from 42% to 88%. Great work PMHC!

phelps 3

To learn more about PMHC’s orthopedic or therapy program, please visit Phelps Memorial Health Center.

Non-Smokers Report Less Back Pain

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According to an article published by, 3,222 smokers and non-smokers in a study conducted by the Division of Clinical Epidemiology in Montreal, Canada concluded that smokers have more frequent episodes of back pain than non-smokers, providing further evidence that quitting smoking is an important consideration for back pain sufferers.

The Oxford Journal on Rheumatology says that the reason for a higher of incidence of back pain amongst smokers is that smoking leads to malnutrition of discs, which in turn become more brittle and vulnerable to stress. Nicotine constricts blood vessels (known as nicotine-induced vasoconstriction), and can potentially cause changes to interior arterial walls and blood flow. More efficient blood flow may be the reason why the anti-smoking crowd has less back pain.

To read more about this article, please visit Non-Smokers Report Less Back Pain published by

Disc herniated

Phelps & CEO Earn National Recognition!

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Phelp Memorial Health Center (Phelps) was recently awarded Overall Best Performer in the critical access hospital category while their CEO, Mark Harrel, was awarded 2017 CEO of the year by Quorum Health Resources. In a blog posted by Phelps, “At a recent celebration, attended by members of Team Phelps and the Board of Directors, Harrel graciously addressed everyone in attendance. “I accept this award on behalf of our entire team. We have an outstanding team that accepts nothing but the best on a daily basis. Patients are our top priority and it shows in the objectives in which we are achieving. Our board is active, supportive and passionate about the things we are doing at Phelps Memorial. Without any one of them, Team Phelps would not be at this level we have achieved,” stated Harrel.”. To read the entire blog, please visit, Phelps Blog: Harrel, Phelps Memorial, Earn National Recognition.

Congratulations to Phelps on their success!

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