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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Kaare Kolstad

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Dr. Kaare Kolstad is well trained to manage all aspects of Orthopedic care including fractures and strains, joint pain, joint disease, osteoarthritis, joint replacement surgery, shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff tears. He has a strong patient-centered background and his care philosophy is “I believe in treating the whole person rather than a single illness or injury. With a focus on compassionate care, an emphasis on quality and access to the best tools and technology, we always strive to provide a patient-centered approach to health and healing for every patient.”

If you are interested in visiting with Dr. Kolstad, please see him at one of his three RPM locations by calling Rawlins, WY at (307)324-2221,  Rock Springs, WY at (307)352-8900 and Winner, SD (605)842-7100.

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