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Rural Partners in Medicine


Jason Petik

CEO – Sidney Regional Medical Center


“Our relationship with Rural Partners in Medicine has made an enormous difference for our patients, our staff, our hospital and our community. Keeping patients at home for specialty and surgical care has changed the way we do business and we couldn’t be happier.”

Mark Harrel

CEO – Phelps Memorial Health Center


“Phelps Memorial Health Center has been working with Rural Partners in Medicine for over two years and the best way to describe our relationship is win, win, win. Most importantly patients in the area win by having have access to outstanding physicians and surgeons providing highly specialized care. The hospital and RPM win from the collegial relationships developed resulting in a higher quality services. All this translates into happier patients and a better bottom line for everyone.”

J. Stone

Surgical Patient

“Rural Partners in Medicine allowed me to recover in the comfort of my own home and saved me extensive travel expenses. I am so grateful to their team for the excellent care, right here in my own town.”

Brent Peterson

CEO – Cherry County Hospital

“Cherry County Hospital, through our relationship with Rural Partners in Medicine, is now able to provide outstanding orthopedic care to our patients right here in their own hometown. Our patients no longer have to travel for orthopedic surgical care and that is an enormous benefit to the patient, the hospital staff and the hospital as well as the community at large. Being able to offer this type of care on a permanent ongoing basis has really strengthened our overall patient care outlook. We are and always have been a cornerstone of healthcare in this region but today, RPM has made it possible for us to deliver the best possible orthopedic care to our community and beyond and for that, we are grateful.”