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Rural Partners in Medicine

Strengthening the health of the patient, the hospital and the community –
that's what we do at Rural Partners in Medicine.

With an ever-growing need for specialty medical care for hundreds of thousands of Americans, Rural Partners in Medicine brings dedicated physicians and surgeons directly to patients in the hospitals serving their rural communities. This means patients and their families are less often displaced from their communities for surgical care; simply put, we travel so our patients don't have to! Additionally, the increased utilization of local healthcare resources strengthens the viability of each rural hospital and the communities they serve.

Mission Statement:

Rural Partners in Medicine brings needed specialists to rural communities by partnering with local hospitals. Patients obtain high-quality healthcare services locally, hospitals provide more comprehensive levels of care and communities become more economically viable.

Vision Statement:

To affect the transformation of rural healthcare and the vitality of rural America by connecting hospitals and specialty providers.

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