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Rural Partners in Medicine

Month: August 2017

New Health Epidemic: Sitting Disease

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According to a recent article released by Spine-health, sitting all day is linked to harmful effects to our overall health. It can actually cause and/or worsen many back or neck problems. To avoid these problems, here are four helpful tips on how to prevent the new health epidemic, sitting disease.

1) Stand up every 20 to 30 minutes

2) Incorporate stretching into your daily routine

3) Avoid after-hours electronics use

4) Go for a walk

Remember small changes can make big changes. So try these four tips to help you make strides toward a healthier lifestyle. To read more about these tips, please visit The New Health Epidemic: Sitting Disease


RPM Newsletter: The Connector

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Winner Now Offers Urology Services

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Our partnering hospital, Winner Regional Healthcare Center in Winner, SD is now offering urology services. If you wish to visit with board-certificate Urologist Stacy Childs, M.D., please call the Winner specialty outreach clinic at (605) 842-7153.


KRVN Rural Radio Features Lexington CEO Leslie Marsh

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On August 1, 2017, the Rural Radio Network spoke about the topic Rural Healthcare. Guests included Leslie Marsh, CEO of Lexington Regional Medica Center and President of Nebraska Rural Health Association and Allan Jenkins, Professor of Economics at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. To listen to the full podcast, please visit: KRVN 880 Rural Radio


Welcome Kearney County Health Services!

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RPM is excited to announce our new partner, Kearney County Health Services (KCHS). The recently renovated 10-bed inpatient critical access hospital provides the community of Minden, NE with high-quality health care services while recognizing the psychosocial, spiritual, physical, and cultural values of each individual.

Dr. Jeffrey Schopp, Orthopedic Surgeon, will begin seeing patients mid-September. To book an appointment, please call 308-832-3400.

To learn more about KCHS, please visit their website: Kearney County Health Services

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Phelps Memorial Health Center & Dr. Sauerbrey

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“I like coming to Holdrege because the community is awesome! The people are fantastic, the patients are fun to take care of, the staff is outstanding, and the surgical services are as good as anywhere I’ve worked.”  -Andreas Sauerbrey, MD.

To learn more about Dr. Sauerbrey’s practice or any of our specialty physicians at Phelps Memorial Health Center, please visit PMHC Specialists.

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