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Month: February 2018

Non-Smokers Report Less Back Pain

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According to an article published by, 3,222 smokers and non-smokers in a study conducted by the Division of Clinical Epidemiology in Montreal, Canada concluded that smokers have more frequent episodes of back pain than non-smokers, providing further evidence that quitting smoking is an important consideration for back pain sufferers.

The Oxford Journal on Rheumatology says that the reason for a higher of incidence of back pain amongst smokers is that smoking leads to malnutrition of discs, which in turn become more brittle and vulnerable to stress. Nicotine constricts blood vessels (known as nicotine-induced vasoconstriction), and can potentially cause changes to interior arterial walls and blood flow. More efficient blood flow may be the reason why the anti-smoking crowd has less back pain.

To read more about this article, please visit Non-Smokers Report Less Back Pain published by

Disc herniated

Phelps & CEO Earn National Recognition!

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Phelp Memorial Health Center (Phelps) was recently awarded Overall Best Performer in the critical access hospital category while their CEO, Mark Harrel, was awarded 2017 CEO of the year by Quorum Health Resources. In a blog posted by Phelps, “At a recent celebration, attended by members of Team Phelps and the Board of Directors, Harrel graciously addressed everyone in attendance. “I accept this award on behalf of our entire team. We have an outstanding team that accepts nothing but the best on a daily basis. Patients are our top priority and it shows in the objectives in which we are achieving. Our board is active, supportive and passionate about the things we are doing at Phelps Memorial. Without any one of them, Team Phelps would not be at this level we have achieved,” stated Harrel.”. To read the entire blog, please visit, Phelps Blog: Harrel, Phelps Memorial, Earn National Recognition.

Congratulations to Phelps on their success!

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AAOS Meeting: March 6-10 in New Orleans

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Will you be attending the AAOS Annual Meeting March 6-10 in New Orleans? If so, please let us know! We would be happy to introduce you to a few of our partnering RPM physicians who will also be present at the meeting. Not yet registered, there is still time! Visit to complete your registration.