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Rural Partners in Medicine

Month: April 2019

Welcome Brodstone Memorial Hospital!

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RPM’s is excited to announce a new partner of ours, Brodstone Memorial Hospital (BMH) located in Superior, NE. BMH has partnered with RPM and Dr. William Waller to provider Urology services every other week beginning in mid-May. To book an appointment with Dr. Waller in Superior, please callĀ 402-207-1540.

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Happy Easter!

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May this Easter Sunday fill you with hope, happiness, and prosperity. Happy Easter!

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Partnering CEO’s Attend AHA!

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RPM is incredibly fortunate to be working with hospitals with great and pro-active leadership. Just last week, Lori Mazanec, Box Butte General Hospital CEO, and Leslie Marsh, Lexington Regional Health Center CEO, attended theĀ American Hospital Association conference in Washington D.C.! They visited with Nebraska delegation (Senator Deb Fisher, Congressman Adrian Smith, and Senator Ben Sasse) about federal and state healthcare issues. Thank you both and all of those who supported rural health!!

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Lori Mazanec, BBGH CEO, and Leslie March, LRHC CEO, attending American Hospital Association conference.
Photo courtesy of BBGH’s Facebook page.

When Neck Cracking Needs Medical Attention?

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While it is fairly common for cracking and grinding sounds to occur during neck movements, you might still wonder why it happens and when is it time to see a doctor. The exact reasons for neck cracking aren’t always known, however, a few common causes include pressure changes within the cervical facet joints, ligament or tendon movements around a bone or near their bony attachments and adjacent bones grinding together.

So, when is it time to visit a doctor? You plan to visit with a doctor when the cracking includes swelling, frequent and constant pain, is accompanied by a recent accident or injury, and/or after recent surgery.

To learn more about neck cracking and grinding, please visit Causes of Neck Cracking and Grinding Sounds.

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Retirement Donated to Save Rural Hospital

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In the rural community of Pauls Valley, OK, a married couple decided to donate half of their retirement to their rural community hospital. Why? Their reasoning was simple. Without a hospital in town, they won’t need to worry about as long as a retirement. What are your thoughts on this? Would you do everything you could to save your community hospital?

Sadly, it was announced Pauls Valley Hospital would be closing their doors until more donations are received.

To read the full article, please visit Critical Condition: The Crisis of Rural Medical Care.

Photo: CBS News

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