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Rural Partners in Medicine

Month: May 2019

First Total Knee in Blair – Congratulations!

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Congratulations to MCH&HS in Blair, NE and Dr. Steven Kitchen for performing the first total knee replacement surgery in Blair this week!

According to a recent Facebook post from MCH&HS, Manny Wolf, President and CEO, states: “We are proud to bring this surgical service to Blair and to have the ability to offer a program that is focused on great patient care, safety and patient satisfaction. Our multidisciplinary team has been preparing for this moment for months and with the completion of this surgery is celebrating this amazing milestone.’

This will be the first of many joint replacement procedures and other comprehensive Orthopedic procedures at MCH&HS. The beautiful facility and personal attention will make this a wonderful place for patients to receive orthopedic surgical services.

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First Meniscus Transplant Successfully Performed at Nebraska Medicine

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For 18-year-old Kris Kodat, his life just got a little better.

After years of chronic pain, Koldat visited with Dr. Matt Toa, Orthopedic Surgeon at Nebraska Medicine, for additional help after suffering years of chronic knee pain. Dr. Toa said, “My main goals for him were: decrease his pain, get him back to relatively normal function and let him do the kinds of things that he wants to do on a daily basis”. To do this Dr. Toa decided to sign Kodat up for a meniscal transplant and after a six-month wait, they got the call.

“So we literally just take a meniscus from a cadaver donor and put it into a knee, a patient’s knee like Kris’,” Tao said.

Kodat is the first patient to have this type of transplant surgery at Nebraska Medicine and like other transplants, he will likely need another sometime in the future. “We know that that’s not a normal knee, even with the meniscal transplant. It’s a great surgery when you need it, but it doesn’t last forever,” Tao said.

Kodat is expected to make a nearly full recovery after eight months of physical therapy.

According to Tao, since Kodat’s surgery four months ago, he’s performed similar surgeries two more times to other patients.

To read the full article, please visit KETV.COM.


Purple Hearts Summit Update

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As of Tuesday, May 14, the American300 Purple Heart Summits Team which includes our CEO, Dr. Bryan Scheer is at the Base Camp of Denali. It sounds like lots of snow in the forecast so we’ll continue to give you updates as we receive them. #goteam #american300 #rpm #ruralpartnersinmedicine #purpleheartsummits

Dr. Bomberg to Visit a New Partnering Hospital

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We are excited for Bryan Bomberg, M.D. to visit a new partner of ours, Prowers Medical Center in Lamar, CO. Dr. Bomberg is well-known for his well-diverse range of orthopedic experience, including experience as an assistant team physician for the NFL New England Patriots and NHL Boston Bruins, and also as a staff orthopedic surgeon at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. In addition to practicing in Lamar, Dr. Bomberg will continue to visit Alliance, NE for consultations, appointments, and surgeries.

If you wish to visit with Dr. Bomberg, please call 719-336-6767 (Lamar) or (308) 762-7244 (Alliance).

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Happy Nurses Week!

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Thank you to all the nurses out there. We truly appreciate all you do!

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Dr. Scheer Helping a Veteran Summit Mountains

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We are incredibility proud of our CEO, Bryan Scheer, M.D. His kindness and love to give back to communities around him has led him to team up with American 300 Purple Heart Summits. Through this program Dr. Scheer has partnered with Ben Breckheimer, a U.S. Army veteran. The goal to assist Ben with becoming the first combat-wounded warrior to summit the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. These seven summits are Aconcagua in South America, Denali in North America, Mount Elbrus in Europe, Carstensz Pyramid in Oceana, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Vinson in Antarctica and, Everest in Asia.

Next week, the team will head to Denali. We wish them all safe travels and the best of luck!

To learn more about Dr. Scheer’s adventures with American300, please read a recent article published by Steamboat Pilot & Today, Steamboat doctor helps veteran summit the tallest mountains in the world.

Ben Breckheimer and Bryan Scheer, M.D. in Antarctica.

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