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BBGH Offers Pain Medicine with Dr. Matt Pouliot

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Dr. Matt Pouliot, is joining the staff at Greater Nebraska Medical and Surgical Services. Dr. Pouliot specializes in pain medicine and will augment the patient experience for GNMSS Orthopedic Spine surgeon Dr. John Ray and Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine surgeon Dr. Bryan Bomberg. “The plan is for me to come one to two times a month to treat patients referred to me by Dr. Ray, Dr. Bomberg, or any other physician for that matter,” Dr. Pouliot said. “We’ll probably be one day a month at the beginning, expanding to two days a month once the practice builds up.”

Dr. Pouliot completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the State University of New York (SUNY Upstate) in Syracuse, NY, serving as Chief Resident his final year in 2008. He earned his Fellowship in Pain Medicine from SUNY Upstate in 2011. He is double board certified in the specialties of pain medicine and physiatry, also called physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R).

“I’ll be bringing a wide array of interventional spine and interventional orthopedic treatments to treat chronic spinal or orthopedic pain that’s not amenable to surgery, or from previous failed surgery (or for patients who don’t want surgery), all of which can be done here at Box Butte General Hospital,” he said.

He briefly discussed some of the treatments he’ll bring to the area. “For chronic spine pain, there are often a few main pain sources which can be targeted directly using x-ray guided injections,” Dr. Pouliot said. “This ranges from epidural injections, to facet injections, and radio frequency ablation for chronic spinal pain. For patients that have had either failed previous back surgery or they’re not surgical candidates, spinal cord stimulation may be performed.  This involves a minimally invasive surgery to implant electrodes near the spinal cord and modulate the pain signals.” He is also able to treat acute painful vertebral compression fractures which are caused from osteoporosis.

Dr. Pouliot has a special interest in Regenerative Medicine, having been involved in that field since 2011. That interest includes participation in clinical research involving the use of mesenchymal stem cells to treat degenerative disk disease of the spine and joints. “I’m currently involved in two clinical research studies, pending approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB),” he said. Dr. Pouliot has also given multiple presentations on regenerative medicine techniques at various conferences, including presentations at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute/International Society for Stem Cell Research, Yale Medical School, and is on faculty at the Boston Biolife Regenerative Medicine Conferences.  He has also taught at The Ortho-biologics Institute Conference.  He has been privileged to treat many former and current professional athletes using regenerative medicine from the NFL, NHL, and MLB.

Dr. Pouliot is the latest physician recruited through Rural Partners in Medicine (RPM) of Steamboat Springs, CO. RPM brings dedicated physicians and surgeons directly to patients in the hospitals serving their rural communities. The practice has been instrumental over the past several years in recruiting highly qualified specialists to the GNMSS Specialty Clinics at BBGH.


Away from his practice in Colorado, Dr. Pouliot enjoys spending time with his wife and eight children, as well as various outdoor activities including mountain biking, snowboarding, and technical rock climbing.

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